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Yoga Programs

The magnificent Cayuga Yoga and Meditation Center is home to spiritual practice at New Age Health Spa. Lined with 10,000 feet of Western Redwood, Cayuga boasts a grand stone fireplace, heated floors, and a 5' tall golden statue of Buddha presiding over it all.

Here, we look to the Eastern healing arts for health benefits including reduced stress, increased flexibility, enhanced mental clarity and improved organ function. These holistic modalities combine the wisdom of ancient philosophies with contemporary sensibilities. All classes are suitable for both beginner and more advanced students of spiritual practice.

The spiritual program at New Age Health Spa begins with a classic seated meditation at sunrise, followed by a three-mile walk through the beautiful countryside and a 50-minute yoga class. The afternoon features instruction in a variety of practices such as Chi Kung, a Chinese discipline to balance energy and Tai Chi, a martial art form to induce relaxation and peace of mind. The day's class schedule concludes with a pre-dinner meditation, which may include breathing exercises, chanting and guided visualizations.

The following classes are offered weekly, as part of New Age Health Spa's comprehensive program of spiritual practice. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are suitable for all levels of strength and flexibility.

Yoga classes concentrate on the physical aspects of the Yogic philosophy with the use of asanas, or postures, in order to increase flexibility, balance and improve one's health.

Sunrise Hatha Yoga: Our morning yoga class offers asanas to awaken the body and centers the mind in preparation for the day to come. The pace and intensity of practice is suitable for all participants.

Gentle Yoga: With a slower pace than the hatha yoga class, emphasis is placed on fluid relaxed movement, breath awareness plus mild strengthening and balance asanas.

Intermediate Yoga Flow: This is a more challenging yoga session, not recommended for beginners.

Yoga for Alignment: Discover where you can improve your yoga practice to keep you safe from injury. Our certified instructor will guide you into proper body placement to make you more mind/body aware.

Yoga for Stress Management: This class involves gentle postures and simple breathing techniques to help melt away stress and tension. Get in touch with your emotions and your body.

Restorative Yoga: Poses involve lying on pillows and folded blankets to offer a complete sense of support. We invite the body to move into full relaxation, relieving muscular & skeletal stress.

Pranayama & Deep Relaxation: Prana translates as "vital life force" (energy, Chi, God) and yama as "control of" and together they stand for the breathing techniques taught by the ancient Yogic Masters. In this class you will learn breathing techniques to reduce stress, energize, calm, purify and nourish.

Yin Yoga: This class focuses on the connective tissues and bones. Postures are practiced on the floor and each one is held for 3-5 minutes allowing the muscles to relax and deep connective tissue to be gently stretched. This encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body. Yin Yoga is a gentle internal meditative practice that invites relaxation and quiet acceptance of what is.

Meditation classes offer several approaches to the practice to relax mind and body.

Silent Meditation: The morning meditation is a classic seated meditation offering a chance to connect with one's self at the start of the day. Brief instructions are given at the beginning and a bell is rung at the end of the session.

Guided Meditation: All afternoon meditations are of a guided nature, drawing on multiple traditions and techniques like guided visualization, chanting, classic Zen, walking, or Pranayama.

Oriental Healing Arts awaken our vital energy using traditions from China, Japan & other Eastern cultures.

The Healing Power of Chi: Chi Kung (Qi Gong) is the ancient art of self healing involving slow, gentle, flowing movements, deep breathing, relaxation, visualization, self-massage and meditation. Regular practice of these movements promotes optimal health, increased vitality, flexibility, strength, longevity and inner peace. Experience the exploration of simple yet profound body/mind techniques to cultivate the vital life force (chi) to enhance your quality of life.

Self Massage: These classes are derived from the Qi Gong tradition and offer an exploration of the ancient art of Chinese self-healing. Sessions may focus on slow, gentle movement, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, self-massage, Reflexology, and/or acupressure. They are intended to create peace of mind, increased energy, vitality and overall well-being.

Qi Gong: Some of the moves our instructor will teach you are: The 6 Healing Breaths - designed to expel toxins from the internal organs. Easy to follow movements and vocal sounds loosen congestion; the toxins are expelled through the breath. The White Crane spreading it's wings is a simple repetitive movement that brings one into a trance-like state. Smiling Dragon Massages your body from the inside and aids in digestion.

The Alexander Technique - Voice & Breath: Relax your diaphragm, free your breath and find a more resonate and rooted voice using Alexander technique exercises. Feel the tension float out with each vocalization. Discover how you can shift stress out of areas of your body and break habits that are making you tense. You will leave with tools to help you connect your mind to your body creating a voice more rooted and supported.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese movement art initially developed as a martial art. The flowing movements are preformed like a slow-motion dance and are used as a holistic exercise increasing flexibility, body posture, and balance.

Drawing From The Light Within
: Each of us is born with the capacity to create. Re-ignite your artistic impulses and open new channels to explore your creativity through drawing. Simple yoga movements and breathing techniques will quiet the mind and prepare you to observe and experience drawing as meditation. No prior artistic experience or talent required!

Yoga for Blissful Relaxation & Rest: The perfect end to your day at the Spa. Join us for a class designed to promote restful sleep. Move through gentle and nurturing restorative yoga postures followed by guided deep relaxation. You will leave prepared for a rejuvenating and restful sleep.

*Programs may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.
adj. 1. Imparting strength and vitality to. 2. Exciting to a greater level of activity. 3. Encouraging progress: stimulating.

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